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Why Should You Become A Foster Parent With Families First of Florida?

There are many people out there that have toiled over the idea of becoming a foster parent. You feel like you may have something positive to offer to a child in your community. People like you and I become foster parents every week for several different reasons. Do some of the reason below sound like you?


1. I want to make an impact on the community. Maybe you have been thinking about doing something positive to impact your community. Taking in a foster child can be a great temporary solution to helping a child that needs you.

2. You feel like you are not done raising children. Maybe you are an empty nester and you have already raised your children. Fostering is a great way to fill the empty nester void in your home. Fostering a child can provide you with an opportunity to help raise another child.

3. I don’t have children, or I am unable to have children. Fostering for a person who does not have children can be a great experience. Maybe you have always wanted children, and for several reasons you were unable to. Fostering can give you the opportunity to have a child in your home without having to make a long-term commitment.

4. I feel a need to help teenagers. There are some people who feel like they can be positive influences in the lives of a teenager. Maybe you want to be a mentor to a child on an on-going basis, fostering is the perfect way to have a huge amount of influence on a teen.

5. I want to foster, but will I be supported? Fostering with Families First provides you with a great deal of support. You will be provided with a weekly in-home therapist that will not only address the needs of the child that you are fostering. But, they will also be a support for you as you lend you home and you love to a child in need. The therapist will have varying tools to help you become a great foster parent, to a child that needs you.


If you feel like you can Identify with the reasons above in any way, please contact us at Families First of Florida. We would love to speak with you about becoming a therapeutic foster parent.
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