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The Need for Foster Parents

As I review what’s happening in our state about fostering children, I see many requests from Community Based Care providers mentioning how great this need is. I read many articles of wonderful experiences families experience when they choose to foster and possibly even adopt. I see and hear wonderful stories within our own agency Families First of Florida of our foster parents creating relationships and expanding there families. Yet this need for more foster homes remains great.

I wonder how do we get families to take the steps to become foster parents? Why do families struggle with this decision? I know we worry about taking on the responsibility, even for having our own children, but we often make that choice.

Fostering isn’t for some of us, but how do you know unless you become familiar with this as a possibility when looking at expanding your family. Fostering was familiar to me. My parents were foster parents so I found it easy to make the decision to become a foster parent, because I knew what a family can look like from this perspective. We gravitate to people and things we know.
So I ask myself how can I help you know how fostering children is a wonderful experience?

Please join us on April 30th for our Foster parent informational night. Please take the step to understanding a new perspective of expanding your family.