7 Things to Immediately Quit Doing If You Want to Improve Your Life

There is a high chance you’re engaging in at least one of these 7 things that are pulling the breaks on your HAPPINESS

1. Stop being negative

There will always be things that annoy you, anger you, and all kinds of things that get under your skin, making you want to swear uncontrollably. However, living in that negative space is a choice. Once you make yourself focus on the positive, you will be positively shocked at how your mindset shifts.

2. Stop worrying 

Worry has little to no value and most of what you worry about anyway will not happen or is something you don’t have much control over. You can worry about what the weather will be like next week but you’re not going to change it. Another highly common worry is what others may think. But instead of worrying, how about you use your energy to focus on the things you can control? Pointless worry creates a space where you are being reactive or sometimes even paralyzed instead of being proactive in your life.

3. Excuses, excuses

If only I was better at my job, had more cash, had better ideas, knew the right people. All of these excuses are destroying you because they’re invalid. Try going one day without excuses, and if you come up with an idea for your future, make certain you make a plan and give all your energy to achieve it.  Whether you want to develop a new habit or face your fears to step out of your comfort zone, set yourself the challenge and do it. The rewards will be priceless!

4. Stop putting your physical health on hold

You need to stop saying that you don’t have time to work out. You can always find at least ten minutes to go for a ten-minute walk. It’s better than not moving your body at all. And throw that pack of cigarettes out now!

5. Stop looking back

The past is the past – stop letting it dictate your future. The past should only serve as a learning experience. Don’t let it define who you are or what you can do or accomplish. We all have regrets and things we’re not proud of. We’ve all made choices we wish we hadn’t. Acknowledge them and move on. The time has come to catch your flight to the present; no excess luggage allowed.

6. Stop comparing yourself to others

This one is an instant happiness killer. You never know what others are going through and the sacrifices they made for decades to get where they are now. Do not compare the second chapter of your book to someone else’s twelfth. Through enough work and commitment, you too can get far!

7. Stop being indecisive

One of the qualities that define successful people is their ability to make decisions. On the other side of the spectrum, however, there are those who can never make up their minds. By not making decisions, you are making a default choice which will lead you nowhere. Figure out what you need and want and just go for it. It’s alright to be assertive. In fact, you’ll be much happier when you see yourself making conscious decisions that take where you want to go one step at a time.

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