5 Steps in becoming a Therapeutic Foster Parent

So, you have been contemplating becoming a foster parent, and you are not sure where to start. Families First of Florida has defined the first five steps on how to get to your goal of supporting and helping youth in need of a family. We recommend you attend Eckerd Connects’ Foster Parent Orientation Night. This meeting will not only introduce you to the process of becoming a foster parent, but will give you an opportunity to meet community members who work in the dependency field.

Here are the first steps to help you get started:

• Call or fill out our online form 813-290-8560 or www.familiesfirstfl.com

• Attend one of the monthly foster parent orientations at The Family Place, with Eckerd Connects 813-225-1105

• Attend and Complete our Professional Parenting Classes, followed up by our Therapeutic training classes.

• Must pass a thorough background check.

• Complete a Home study and Initial Licensing process with one of our Licensing Administrators.
We believe in staying connected to our families through this process. We want you to know that Lani Houston and Stacey Singleton will be providing support and information to you as you move through becoming a Therapeutic Foster home.

There are several items that will also be required for you to become a foster parent:

• A twin bed and a dresser or adequate clothing storage for each child you plan to foster.

• A new Fire Extinguisher 2A10BC

• The ability to pass a health inspection in your home that includes the testing of your water temperature, a working thermometer in your refrigerator, testing to make sure your plumbing works, making sure you have working fire detectors, and lastly your home must past a Radon Test (Hillsborough and Pinellas counties)

If you would like to provide a safe and loving home for a Foster child, please contact us to get the process started. We are looking forward to having YOU join our family of dedicated Therapeutic Foster Parents.